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2 years ago

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I had been on a chat site to share some erotic thoughts with strangers and had a conversation with a man who hit my fetishes, fantasies and kinks seemed to share. We talked one on one with personal messages. I told my secret dressing in underwear of my wife and a couple of times over clothing. I opened it, was very open, and I told him about my love for the humiliation, the idea of sexual jealousy as an improvement and how I present my wife with another man, stripped, and gang banged. I made ​​it clear he would half agree - I hate violence and fear never let anyone - rape is a terrible thing, but xxnx rape fantasy may be different. Anyway, he asked my yahoo address so I gave it to him, and they are connected. He did not have a webcam, but wanted to see my work. I hesitated, I'm not gay, but I must admit that the conversation turned to me and I'm enjoying it. He wanted to go, so he agreed to put the camera into a meeting room on yahoo. You may feel that obviously manipulative and then I realized, but at that time I was enjoying the control she had over me, to be honest, I was exciting. I asked if he was okay, others that he knew, and I said why not, it would be interesting to invite a conversation online. I invite more questions xxnx and ended up with about 8 connections at the conference. I put my camera, but held so that he could not see my face, I am very knowledgeable about the risks of online contact with strangers! speak away, just about the sex of a couple of guys in line forever, but the conversation turned to me and my fetishes. He was very wise in retrospect, always open to me and told me point blank the other, I would like to xxnx see my xxnx wife with other men, preferably with a lot of them at once. I began to realize that they can not be very nice and almost bullying, ridicule and treat me like aPerverse and certainly had an effect on me was my tail almost always hard and I felt very copiuosly dripping sperm. He turned to me with humiliating comments. What has actually begun, call me a coward and a bitch and xxnx suggested that I wanted to do things with men. Finally he said that he thought I wanted to show everyone my " Clitty big" as he called and told me to undress in front of the camera for them, because I deserved to be man enough to " man clothes " to wear. I was so where I really wanted to be seen naked by these strange invisible! He told me to take off his shirt to face xxnx the camera, so they could see. He did not ask, I told you to. I loved the feeling of impotence, even though it was far from being impotent, had total control over me. I pulled his shirt and found comments such as " Sissy Boy ooh" and " xxnx what a fag. " Then came my pants, I was not wearing socks. She was pretty wild when they xxnx saw my underwear gray and presentation xxnx of thek wet location and bulk of my erection! In particular, he said I was a pussy and suck a jerk and clearly a homosexual, he tried to queue and my wife sucking cock and eating cum. All this did was make it harder to get my erections and wet knob appeared bright to hide the end of the road both for your enjoyment. He said he lost his pants and I dutifully went out of them pre cum dripping all over the place. I had to go to any fabric and again when he had to wait and see everyone yet. Ok, he said, now I have to go see some of their wives and underwear we want to display. This story will continue.

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